A teaching guide by Plater Robinson

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The purpose of the workshop is to enhance the ability of teachers to use the film "Schindler's List" as an instructional resource, and to provide an understanding of how the underlying lessons of the Holocaust can be applied to contemporary problems.

The film itself is a great starting point for the discussion of bigotry and scapegoating. The 90-page manual Teaching Schindler enriches the pedagogical aspects of the film by providing

  • An exploration of how the demands of film as a medium bear upon the telling of history,
  • Well-researched historical background on Schindler and the Holocaust,
  • A probing analysis of the dynamics of altruistic behavior,
  • Ideas for making the Schindler story relevant to the students everyday confrontations with bigotry and injustice,
  • Course materials for use in the class.

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